What social media monitoring entails under netbasequid

Netbasequid is a social media monitoring software that provides alerts for feeds like Twitter and Facebook. The software uses the ‘nqui.py’ Python module to detect mentions and keywords of your choice. You can find out about your target audience and their opinions about a hot new product release or service launch or engage them with content and deals.


This media monitoring provides valuable information about your competition, which can then be used to inform a marketing strategy. Netbasequid is only one of the many tools that enable you to do this, but it has proved very effective in monitoring social media channels. Over the years, we have gained experience and now consider ourselves an expert in this area, with a range of media tools and strategies at your disposal.


The data is held by Netbasequid, which means that if you’re an official customer of theirs, you can easily retrieve the data or request a copy of it. There is also a learning section on their website with free articles and tools to help you get started.


The Netbasequid dashboard

The Netbasequid dashboard is a comprehensive place to get started with social media monitoring. It has a massive range of features and tools that enable you to monitor Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (including hashtags) and Google+ and Instagram. You can also run data analysis on WordStat, Google Analytics, or Excel. You’re not restricted to monitoring social media channels but can also judge how effective your marketing campaigns are.

Services of Netbasequid


  1. Real-time monitoring of social media:

The most helpful service Netbasequid provides is real-time monitoring. This lets you see what’s being said by whom and where virtually. You can even see the reach that content is getting, which gives you an insight into what people are interested in. Real-time monitoring also allows you to spot trends and engage with them, providing your brand with the opportunity to be associated with those trends.


  1. Summary of the results:

Real-time monitoring provides the most valuable insights, but let’s face it, we all like a bit of analysis to see what has been going on. To give this, Netbasequid has created a Summary feature that pulls in all your data. You can then use this to produce reports and analyses of your social media campaigns.


  1. Get in touch with your customers:

If you want to engage with your customers,this is a great way to do it. You can respond directly to posts, which can be very powerful. Many brands are doing this now, and it’s working well for them.


  1. Identify influencers in the niche:

There’s no better way of identifying influencers than this media tools. You can see who’s influential in your niche and build relationships with them. They’re your best bet for engaging with your customers and encouraging interactions.


Ways the services could help reach business goals


  1. Reach your target audience:

Finding out about your audience is an important business goal. You can use the information you gain from it to improve your marketing strategy or use what you know to build relationships with them. By identifying influencers or keywords, you can reach out to people interested in what you’re doing and tell them about it.


  1. Build relationships:

Building relationships with influential people and using them to promote your brand is another critical business goal. Netbasequid can help you do this by allowing you to follow or comment on conversations, tweet about news or respond to posts. In this way, you can keep the dialogue going, build relationships and engage with people.


  1. Increase engagement:

You want to encourage people to interact with you and your products through social media. This could be anything from a short Facebook comment to a Twitter follower. Netbasequid enables you to monitor this and encourage people to interact.


  1. Motivate your customers:

Find out what your customers are saying about you and use this to motivate them. You can also use what you know about who they are and how they respond to social media posts to get ideas for your marketing strategy so that you can build relationships with people and encourage interactions.


Social media monitoring tools


  1. Track keywords:

Monitoring social media channels is better with keywords. Keywords are the names of people and things that are being mentioned. This enables you to identify potential influencers or potential customers or even find out what people think about your products and services.


  1. Monitor hashtags:

Monitoring social media channels is better with hashtags. Hashtags are words used as a means of grouping for posts on Twitter, Facebook, and so on, enabling you to monitor conversations that include these words. For example, you could watch #Bitcoin for all your customers interested in Bitcoin.


  1. Monitor YouTube:

Monitoring social media channels is better than YouTube videos. Because videos attract the eye and easily get shared on various social media channels, it’s an excellent way to monitor social media channels and get information about what is said.


  1. Monitor Google+:

Monitoring social media channels is better with Google+. This is because Google+ is not just a social media channel but a place for your customers to share all their information, including their interests, likes, and photos. You can monitor this for potential customers or see people’s opinions about your products and services.


Different features they offer

  1. Monitoring:

It is better if you can monitor the channels all in one place, which is what Netbasequid offers. They have a dashboard that you can use to see what is happening on any social media channel. You can then engage with it by commenting and posting as well.


  1. Reporting:

Netbasequid has reported for each channel, enabling you to monitor and analyze your social media channels in one location. You can then sort the data by multiple criteria, filter it and export it.


  1. Languages:

Netbasequid has been installed in various languages, and it is easy for users of those languages to navigate around. It also has multilingual support, so the platform will be translated if you add new languages.


  1. Social networks monitored:

Netbasequid monitors many social media channels from various sources, making them one of the best today’s social media monitoring tools. You can watch your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+ pages and look at what is said about you on the various channels over time.


Time savings vs. cost

Time savings:

Netbasequid offers real-time monitoring to see what your customers are saying about your brand and what is going on on social media. This means that you will never find out about something if it isn’t happening.



This tools are not cheap. But the functionality they offer is of great value and gives a lot for the money, making it a good investment for any business owner or marketer.


What the tool could help businesses do


  1. Easy to use:

Netbasequid is easy to use, so there’s no training required. The dashboard makes it easy to navigate around and see what is happening. It’s also very well put together and clear for people new to social media monitoring tools to understand.


  1. Customisation:

Netbasequid supports a lot of different features, but the customization options are what stand out the most. The dashboard has filters for finding influencers, monitoring hashtags, and monitoring businesses or private users. You can also make your reports and export them to PDF format to print them off at your leisure.


  1. Multiple platforms:

It’s worth mentioning that Netbasequid is not just for social media channels on Twitter or Facebook. You can also monitor YouTube, Google+, or your Instagram page. This makes it easy to cover all the bases and keep an eye on what your customers say about you.

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